5000 Nights of Obsession by Drethi Anis epub


5000 Nights of Obsession by Drethi Anis epub
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Drethi Anis
April 4, 2023
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5000 Nights of Obsession by Drethi Anis epub

This dark book is a standalone by USA Today Bestselling Author, Drethi Anis. This isn’t a fairy tale or romance. There is no Prince Charming, only an irredeemable villain and the object of his desire. His OBSESSION.

I felt his eyes on me everywhere I went.
I recognized his smell lingering within my home.
I even sensed his presence in my sleep.
It was too late by the time I found the monster hiding under my bed. He had wedged himself into my life, cornering me with nowhere to run.

The worst part?
The world adored him, but no one knew the devil lurking underneath the beautiful mask—no one except for me.

Manipulative, cold, and remorseless, Axel Trimalchio was a certified psychopath hiding in plain sight. He was fixated on me and would never stop chasing me.
He was determined to make me his… even though I already belonged to someone else.
*This book isn’t listed in the Romance category, and Axel shouldn’t be considered a hero. Check the author’s complete content warnings before proceeding.

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