A Beguiling Ruse by Laura Beers (epub)


A Beguiling Ruse by Laura Beers (epub)
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Laura Beers
June 6, 2023
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A Beguiling Ruse by Laura Beers (epub) Lords & Ladies of Mayfair Book 2

He needed to marry her for her dowry but falling in love with her foiled his plans.

Miss Rosamond Hendre has had the most remarkable change of fortune for a daughter of a seaman. She went from living a simple life in the countryside to being introduced to high Society as the ward of a marquess. She is excited to embrace her newfound life, and she wants nothing more than to find a love match this Season.

Malcom, the Viscount of Brentwood, needs to marry an heiress and Miss Hendre fits the bill. His family is on the brink of ruination and he doesn’t have time for games. The problem is that Miss Hendre seems immune to his charms and constantly rebuffs his advances. But he isn’t one to give up so easily, especially when so much is at stake.

Malcolm wants nothing to do with love, but he knows he must play the part of a devoted suitor or else he will lose Rosamond. But the more he plays the part, the more the line begins to blur between what is real and what is not. As his feelings deepen for Rosamond, Malcolm wonders if this battle of wills-and hearts-will end in happily ever after, or devastation?

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