A Duke’s Proposal by Hazel Linwood (epub)

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A Duke’s Proposal by Hazel Linwood (epub) Falling for the Windhams Book 2

“I need to be by your side. Ruse or no ruse.”

Michael has sworn to never marry, especially if it is to the lady his father has chosen. But moments away from that fate becoming inevitable, only a miracle could save him. And that miracle’s name is Constance…
All Constance ever wanted was to have a family of her own. Now, in her last Season before becoming a spinster, she must do anything in her power to find a match. Even if she must find the most unlikely of tutors…
While pretending to court, Michael agrees to teach Constance how to attract suitors. But as she proves to be an excellent student, her heart skips for the only man she could never have: her own tutor. And now Michael must make a choice. Stick to his vow or follow his heart.

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