A Folly of Youth by Amy D’Orazio (epub)


A Folly of Youth by Amy D’Orazio (epub)
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Amy D’Orazio
May 8, 2023
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A Folly of Youth by Amy D’Orazio (epub)

My own folly had endangered me, my preservation I owe to the kindness, the integrity of another…

IN 1808, ELIZABETH BENNET is young, curious, and in possession of an invitation to a London party which she ought not to attend. Unable to resist the temptation, Elizabeth indulges her wish to see a party of the beau monde and finds herself in a dangerous situation. She is saved from a desperate fate by Mr Darcy of Pemberley but relief is short-lived; Mr Gardiner arrives and demands satisfaction on behalf of his young niece’s honour.

BOUND FOR THREE YEARS—with no intent to marry on either side—Mr Darcy and Elizabeth both resolve to do as they must to end their unwanted almost-betrothal. Mr Bennet however refuses to allow it, fearing that Elizabeth’s character will bear a permanent stain that no amount of time or money could erase. Together, Darcy and Lizzy contrive a plan to overcome her father’s reluctance: Darcy will find her someone else to marry, thus relieving himself of the obligation.

THE FOLLY OF THEIR YOUTH, it seems, might be set to rights after all, until feelings arise which complicate the scheme. But will they realise their true attachment before it’s too late?

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