A Marriage is Arranged by GL Robinson (epub) FREE

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A Marriage is Arranged by GL Robinson (epub) FREE

Can An Arranged Marriage Be Arranged? When the two plainest people in London enter into an arranged marriage the ton isn’t so much surprised as counting the days to an arranged separation.
Louise is too short, too dull and too dowdy and the Earl is positively frightening, with his frowning demeanor and massive shoulders.

He’s willing to marry her because he doesn’t expect a dowdy wife to impact his lifestyle and other relationships. She’s willing to marry him because ugly and unmannerly as he is, she is for some unaccountable reason drawn to the man.

Louise vows to arrange the marriage to her own satisfaction, but when he appears to have another love interest, her anger and sorrow lead her to make a big mistake, which he responds to just as foolishly.
Ah me! The course of true love ne’er did run smooth!

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