A Prize for the Lycan Enemy by Milana Jacks (epub)

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A Prize for the Lycan Enemy by Milana Jacks (epub) Lycan Claimed Book 3

She’s the sweetest debt he’s ever collected.
When I walked into McMar’s territory and demanded restitution for the lives they took from my clan, I never imagined I’d walk away with a female as my prize.
That should’ve worked out perfectly.
Instead, the prize is refusing all our courting attempts, including mine. Heck, especially mine because she thinks I’m too arrogant, too commanding, and a definition of a “jerk”.

She’s convinced that she hates me.
But my lycan nose tells me she’s lying to herself and to me.
Marybell is the sweetest debt I ever collected who just needs a little bit of gentle persuading.
On top of that, some of my males want an eye for an eye for the loss of their brothers. That means returning the McMar prize. But I’m not giving her back, even if I have to fight my own to keep her.

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