A Very Fake Boyfriend by Scarlett Avery (epub)


A Very Fake Boyfriend by Scarlett Avery (epub)
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Scarlett Avery
April 12, 2023
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A Very Fake Boyfriend by Scarlett Avery (epub)

The commitment phobic billionaire agreed to be my fake boyfriend to a wedding from hell. He never signed up for a surprise baby.

When my evil stepsister announces her wedding to the cheating ex-boyfriend she stole from me, I’m determined to be a no-show.

My Irish mother won’t hear of it. She’s dead set on her crusade to hold this family together, so she makes it mandatory I suck it up.

Attending the wedding of the back-stabbing nemesis who pulverized my relationship by seducing yet another one of my boyfriends is humiliating enough. Showing up alone would be the kiss of death. So, I do what any desperate—I mean, self-respecting woman would do. I enlist the help of a fake boyfriend.

Serendipity and liquid courage were my allies when the preposterous proposal slipped from my lips.

Little did I know the very tall, devastatingly charming, and stupidly handsome New York CFO who agreed to be my fake boyfriend would turn out to be a multibillionaire… and my baby daddy.

USA Today Bestselling Author Scarlett Avery brings you a fake romance (that turns into a blazing romance) between a sassy plus size redhead who’s been betrayed and backstabbed one too many times and a commitment phobic billionaire still haunted by a former, jealous fling who thrives on drama. The nerd turned smoking hot CFO will stop at nothing to protect the curvy redhead who makes him want forever. Meddling Irish family included.

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