A Wager with the Gentleman by Sadie Bosque (epub)

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A Wager with the Gentleman by Sadie Bosque (epub) Necessary Arrangements Book 6

A timid bluestocking. Stuck in her little cottage with her three sisters and an aging father her entire life, Miss Beatrice Fowley has never had the chance to experience the real world. After being jilted by a charming viscount, she now has to marry a seventy-year-old lord intent on begetting an heir and a spare.

Having read plenty of books—most of which are romance—Beatrice has a list of things she wants to experience before the church bells toll her doom. Unfortunately, real life is far more dangerous, and Beatrice quickly realizes that she needs a guide and a guard.

Meets her surly knight…
Adam Lewis has lived in the shadow of his brothers his entire life. When he encounters his brother’s former fiancée in distress, once again, honor dictates he step in to lend her aid and clean up after his brother’s mistake. Only the lady will not accept just any kind of assistance! The stubborn and naïve young bluestocking insists she wishes to experience “real life” before she allows him to escort her home to be married.

And the wager is struck.
Coerced into helping Miss Fowley with her scandalous list, Adam plots to outsmart the bluestocking to get her out of his life quicker. But as passion and desire flare between the reluctant partners, they realize one item has been left off the list—what to do with their wild, rebellious hearts when it comes to the end of the road…?

A fun farewell to the beloved series.

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