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Absolution by Jayda Marx (epub) Love Bites Book 5

Dalton has spent the past year in prison, serving a sentence for burning down a toy store in a fit of anger after discovering his brother playing with a doll. During this time, and throughout his whole life, Dalton has struggled with guilt, responsibility, and his very worth. He needs guidance and compassion – two things he’s never experienced. He has no idea how his life is about to change when he meets his parole officer Hutch.

Hutch has always assumed that his fated mate would be a sweetheart to take his mind off of his work with the city’s convicts. He never imagined that he’d meet his beloved in one of his parolees, and is shocked when the gorgeous but troubled man enters his office. But Fate’s pairing and timing are always perfect, and Hutch soon understands just how much Dalton needs him – how much they need each other.

*Unlike the first 4 books in the series, the main characters in this book do not engage in age play, although it is a theme in the story. This book contains sweetness, healing, and steam, and a very happy HEA.

*Trigger warning: brief mention of child abuse.

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