Against the Current by Lily Seabrooke (epub)

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Against the Current by Lily Seabrooke (epub) The Bayview Romances Book 2

Annabel can’t date her student. But what if they’re already in love?

Collegiate swimmer Priscilla knows her gorgeous coach Annabel is off-limits, but it hasn’t stopped Priscilla from longing for her for the past year. But an unexpected gold medal throws Priscilla into the spotlight and, as long-repressed emotions flare up, into bed with Annabel.

Annabel knows she’s attracted to Priscilla, but the line between coach and student is clear. Still, as their training sessions blur the line ever further, Annabel and Priscilla have to keep quiet before the thing growing between them tears apart both their careers.

But when everything is on the line between them, will they follow their dreams, or their hearts?

Against the Current is an 85,000-word small-town student/coach sports romance and the second book in the Bayview Romances trilogy. Features a big gay friend group in a small gay town, consensual nonmonogamy, unraveling insecurities of want and desire, a forbidden relationship loaded with ages of pining, and a whole lot of jealousy moving things along. Content warnings for on-page sex, girlfriend drama from basically every direction, and Paisley delivering victory cheese.

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