Against The Rules by Brittany Kelley (epub)

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Against The Rules by Brittany Kelley (epub) Wilmington Football Book 2

As a pro-cheerleader, dating a football player is forbidden- so there’s no way I’m telling anybody I drunkenly married one in Vegas.

One night of fun turns into a morning of regret when I wake up hungover, fully clothed, and next to muscle-bound wide receiver Ty Matthews… and a phone full of evidence of our Elvis-ordained nuptials. Talk about bad choices: I can be kicked off the team for talking to a football player, much less marrying one.

But after a night of spilling my darkest secrets, even playboy Ty knows exactly how to persuade me to stay married to him— he promises to fund my small business dreams if I convince his parents we’re together.

Our so-called agreement is already off to a crazy start: I don’t want to lose my coveted spot on the cheer team, and we have to work to keep it a secret from almost everyone. Just when I start to think I can have it all: the money for my business, cheering for a pro-football team, and even an accidental husband who treats me like gold… the cracks begin to show.

I don’t just stand to lose my spot on the team, either, because losing Ty Matthews might break my whole heart.

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