Alien Meat Market by Lizzy Bequin epub


Alien Meat Market by Lizzy Bequin epub
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Lizzy Bequin
April 6, 2023
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Alien Meat Market by Lizzy Bequin epub

Yesterday I was a human being.
Today I’m nothing but a piece of meat.

There was a time when I doubted the existence of aliens. Now I’m a believer.

I’m alone on the stage, vulnerable, frightened, sweating in the spotlight. Meanwhile, a crowd of alien monsters are casting their bids.

The prize? Me.

This place is a meat market. Literally. To these alien beasts I’m nothing but a delicacy. A tasty morsel of exotic food.

Except for the aliens who actually end up claiming me.

The Raksha.

Five terrifying purple-skinned males, all rippling muscles and growly alpha dominance. These guys have a different kind of hunger smoldering in their orange eyes.

They own me now, body and soul. I’m their pet, their plaything. Theirs to use, to share, to dominate as they see fit.

It turns out the Raksha have a problem. Their females are all gone, wiped out by a deadly plague. Their entire species is now doomed to extinction.

For some reason, they think I can help. And they’re about to show me how.

I’d say my chances of ever returning to Earth are slim to none.

By the time the Raksha are done with me, maybe I won’t want to.

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