Alien Protector’s Stars by Melissa Emerald (epub)

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Alien Protector’s Stars by Melissa Emerald (epub)

What’s worse than being abducted by aliens and then abandoned on a primitive jungle planet? Finding out you’re pregnant – that’s what.

It’s all going to be ok, though. I’m a strong woman. I can cope with leaving my cheating ex behind on earth, and I can cope with doing this alone.

What I can’t cope with is the 7ft winged warrior-alien who has decided that I’m his. Me and Second Spear Mavyx don’t get along. We should stay far away from each other.

So why am I asking him to help me out when my hormones have me acting like a cat in heat?

Alien Protector’s Stars is a full length Sci-fi Alien Romance featuring a reluctant bickering couple who were meant for each other. Can the big virgin male help scratch a particular itch for pregnant Alana without complicating things with ‘feelings’?

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