Alpha Dragon’s Eagle by Hawke Oakley (epub)

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Alpha Dragon’s Eagle by Hawke Oakley (epub) The Dragonfate Games Book 2

Will buried secrets ruin season two of the Dragonfate Games—or will the truth set fated mates free?

After a controversy ten years ago, Matteo was done in the spotlight. He dropped his stage name and celebrity status to live out a humble life as a golden eagle omega. A second chance at the Dragonfate Games fuels Matteo’s desire for his fated mate… and threatens to unearth a past he abandoned long ago.
As an alpha dragon who hoards music, Thystle was devastated when his favorite band broke up ten years ago—especially since he crushed hard on the lead vocalist. But could being the “prize” of a reality TV dating show lure his celebrity crush out of hiding?
When the men lock eyes, hearts flutter and sparks fly. And when Thystle realizes Matteo is the omega he’s been obsessed with for a decade, the possessive dragon will do anything to make Matteo his.

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