Always Never by Charlotte Byrd & Ronan Byrd (epub) FREE

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Always Never by Charlotte Byrd & Ronan Byrd (epub) FREE Somerset Harbor: Cargill Brothers Book 4

He’s the black sheep. She’s a spoiled princess. Her family thinks he’s a poor sailboat captain. What happens when they find out that he’s really the billionaire son of their worst enemy?

I’m the youngest Cargill brother, the black sheep of the family, the only one to turn down my trust fund and live life on my own terms: out at sea as a sailboat captain.

But then Maya MacMillan waltzes into my life. She’s a collage artist and a teacher. She’s also smart and beautiful and completely forbidden. Maya is the daughter of the MacMillan family, my family’s main rivals and the enemy of every Cargill.

I can’t tell her my real last name but I also can’t stay away from her. She wants me too, despite the fact that her family hates me and for all of the wrong reasons.

They think I’m a poor guy from the wrong side of the tracks who lives in a crappy apartment above his sailboat charter business. Little do they know that I’m actually an heir to a billion dollar fortune of the Somerset Harbor Yacht Club and the main competitor to her family’s new resort. On top of that, she has secrets of her own.

But we’re not serious. We’re just having fun. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

What happens when this fling turns into something more? What happens when I start to fall in love with the one woman who I can’t ever have?

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