Angelique and Other Stories by Alicia Cameron (epub)


Angelique and Other Stories by Alicia Cameron (epub)
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Alicia Cameron
June 29, 2023
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Angelique and Other Stories by Alicia Cameron (epub)

Visit many old friends in this delightful compilation of Regency stories by bestselling author Alicia Cameron.

Itis topped and tailed by two stories about Angelique.
In the first tale Angelique pursues her Destiny…but gets and gives shocks along the way. A frothy romance.
In The Impudent Smile the Earl of Henshaw finds that there is one poor dab at his mother’s House Party that is not overwhelmed at his charm. Miss Annabel Forrester’s quiet derision irritates him in the extreme. Warm and witty.
In The Lost Years a child, Abigail, first follows her new stepbrother, then later is forgotten by her entire family. Inspirational romance

Anthea and her friend Marie indulge in a cynical plan to attract their preferred suitors in The Cynicism of Youth, whilst avoiding their pursuers. A witty dialogue.
In The Cinderella Gown, Ann Marsh attends a dinner at the largest house in the village wearing a sadly mismatched outfit, donated from all the best pieces of her poor friends. Ridicule awaits.

Amelia Price says something dreadful to Lord Timothy Blythe at Almacks, and her comfortable Season in London is blighted. Her good friend Raymond Sawyer, on hearing the reason, alerts his high ranking friends to help turn Amelia’s Season around. A joyous romp.

Ariadne has a mortal enemy, Hugo Tierney. In childhood, they lost their temper with each other and often sought revenge. When reunited at Ariadne’s first Season, their childish tantrums leads to more serious consequences. Sparks fly.

Anne-Marie was given the name of a previous maid when she began service as a child. But as Flossie, Anne-Marie has ambitions, and the first to overcome the ban on servants’ marriage. For Flossie will have her man.
Angelique, now married, meets other women whose energy and ideas terrify their husbands, and forms alliances which might shape the world. Meet with Clarissa, Oriana, Serena, Honoria, Katerina again, all Women of Energy, from previous novels. An inspirational tale.

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