Archer’s Lost Onesie by Della Cain & Kaytea Kat (epub)

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Archer’s Lost Onesie by Della Cain & Kaytea Kat (epub) Found by Daddy Book 3

I didn’t need a daddy… except that I did.

Not having a daddy wasn’t going to stop me from being little. Sure, it wasn’t the same when you were by yourself, but after three daddies in a row thinking being a caretaker meant micromanaging my entire existence both in and out of little space, I was done. And besides, I wasn’t completely alone. I had Bear, my dog, and Cat, my stuffy, by my side.
When I won a custom onesie from a giveaway during Chained’s little craft day, I couldn’t believe my luck. I’d been wanting one for so long and couldn’t justify the expense. Now I didn’t have to.

Only, when I went to pick it up, my onesie wasn’t in the bag—a World’s Most Bestest Daddy Ever shirt in its place. If only the bag came with the daddy, too.

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