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As Is by Joan Herlong (epub)

Real Estate is More Than You See on HGTV

Real estate isn’t just about beautiful houses and nice people. It’s a serious business that deals with the most valuable asset most of us will ever own. Unfortunately, the bulk of most people’s knowledge of real estate is comprised of what they watch on House Hunters—which is more like a fairy tale than a professional transaction. As Is: An Insider’s Guide to Real Estate was written to bring a dose of actual reality to the real estate business.

As Is was penned by Joan Herlong, a top-selling South Carolina Realtor and small business owner with over 30 years of experience helping home buyers and sellers make educated, informed decisions and wise investments. In this lighthearted-yet-informative book, she pulls back the curtain on the real estate “profession,” revealing everything you need to know about real estate but never thought to ask.

From how to choose the most effective agent, to how your listing price can help to advertise your home, to how to find a house you won’t just fall in love with, but love living in, Herlong shares the secrets to navigating the often confusing world of real estate and coming out a winner. Packed with hilarious true stories gleaned from 30 years in the trenches, this funny and informative book will empower you with everything you need to know about real estate, whether you’re a buyer, a seller, or considering a career in the field and hoping to do it the right way.

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