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Avery 1 by Erin R Flynn (epub) Tantalizing Trilogies

Avery Walker has lived a life of being bullied, abused, and taken advantage of by people. Because of how early it started, and with her family being the worst offenders, she stopped pushing back or expecting anything else from life. But when a student slaps her in class and the school tries to sweep the incident and her feelings under the rug, Avery hits the breaking point.

What a perfect time to play the lottery, right?
All of Avery’s bad luck she’s suffered with her whole life gives her one moment of good luck and she actually wins the largest jackpot on record… But what now?
Ryder James is a vampire who is trying to make changes in his life when he meets Avery who helps him see the world in a different way.

Griffin Peterson is an Alpha werewolf that has been so focused on his pack that he forgot he needs things as a man until Avery stepped into his life.
And Lorenzo Ganan is a warlock suffering because of the tragedies that have struck his family and Avery makes him feel as if he might be able to open his heart again.
But can any of these men be the right one for a woman who has been so beaten down by life?

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