Bastian by Adriana Brinne (ePub & PDF)


Bastian by Adriana Brinne (ePub & PDF)
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Adriana Brinne
April 3, 2023
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Bastian by Adriana Brinne (ePub & PDF)

To the outside world I am the picture-perfect politician who leads the country with integrity and morality but deep down I know the truth of what hides beneath the surface.

A flawed man with a rotten soul and not-so-selfless intentions.

The Commander-in-Chief.

I am all of that and more.

I am also a selfish man hell-bent on ruining everyone’s life, including my own, over the woman who sets my world on fire.

I couldn’t risk getting distracted. I couldn’t risk another heart. Another life.

I had one goal, and that was to ruin the Parisi name.

But then she came along, and I learned the true meaning of obsession.

Obsession and love.

I never intended to fall in love with my enemy’s daughter, but I did.

I found once-in-a-lifetime love until I ruined it trying to be a better man.

I shattered her heart and started a war.

I am no stranger to it and the war for her heart is not one I intend to lose.

I play a dirty game and that she knows too well.

Arianna Luna Parisi is my obsession’s name.

A name my world will never forget.

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