Be With Me by Rebecca Hartt (epub)

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Be With Me by Rebecca Hartt (epub)

Faith Saunders’ life just went from bad to unbearable. The widowed mother of three ended a promising relationship for the sake of her son. Now thirteen-year-old Grayson has vanished without a trace. In her desperation, Faith turns to the man she pushed away: FBI Special Agent Casey Fitzpatrick.

When Fitz’s promising romance with Faith ended as suddenly as it began, he buried his heart for good. But now she’s living a mother’s worst nightmare, and Fitz would have to be heartless not to help her.

Grayson is grieving. A year ago, his life was great. Now his father is dead, and his mother loves another. It’s just too much, too soon. When a stranger shows up claiming to have known his father, Grayson instinctively trusts him. That mistake might cost him his life.

Only God knows how the story ends, for He has plans for all of them—even the stranger: plans to prosper them, to give them hope, forgiveness, and a future.

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