Bear by Jaime Lewis (epub)


Bear by Jaime Lewis (epub)
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Jaime Lewis
May 8, 2023
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Bear by Jaime Lewis (epub) The Trident II – BRAVO Team Book 2

Some say the best gift in life is being given a second chance. U.S. Navy SEAL Tripp “Bear” Walker wasn’t sure he agreed with that statement until his past came crashing back into his life. After dealing with regret for the past ten years, Bear realizes that he’s been given a rare opportunity to win back the heart of his childhood best friend and the woman he’s never stopped loving when it’s revealed the divorce he once thought was finalized, really wasn’t.

Jocelyn Thompson knew she couldn’t hide from her past forever. Ten years ago, after signing divorce papers, she had put all her memories of Tripp Walker into a vault, threw away the key, and built a solid wall around her broken heart. But when she walks into a party and comes face-to-face with the man she swore she would never speak to again, Jocelyn finds that keeping her distance from the rugged, handsome, gray-eyed Navy SEAL is more challenging than she thought.

But when she’s recruited by the First Lady of the United States to head up her global clean water initiative, Jocelyn doesn’t think twice before accepting the position—even if the assignment sends her to one of Africa’s most dangerous countries. What she hadn’t expected was to find out that the one man she was trying to run from was the lead individual of the security detail assigned to her and her team.

No matter how hard she tries to keep their relationship strictly professional while on the assignment, Jocelyn finds herself slowly giving in. One night, when Bear manages to get her alone and opens up about the past and expresses his feelings for her, Jocelyn sees the vault she has fought so hard to keep secured begin to pry itself open.

However, just when it appears things could be heading in the right direction between the pair, a stranger suddenly appears and sets his sights on Jocelyn and is willing to do whatever it takes to make Jocelyn his.
Bear’s priority is keeping Jocelyn safe from the danger lurking in the shadows. But when he’s faced with making a critical decision, he quickly realizes he should’ve listened to his gut because he may have lost Jocelyn for good.

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