Beauty Dares the Beast by Alyssa Clark (epub)


Beauty Dares the Beast by Alyssa Clark (epub)
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Alyssa Clark
May 12, 2023
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Beauty Dares the Beast by Alyssa Clark (epub) Wagers and Wallflowers Book 11

Ambrose, the Duke of Collingswood, never expected that his best chance at fulfilling his brother’s dying wish would rest with a lady disguised as the male author S. Lovellette. Scared and shunned by all who loved him, Ambrose must insist with blackmail that Lady Drusilla remain at his country castle to complete his memoir for his niece.

Ambrose never expected the lady to look upon his beastly countenance with tender desire, only not the fear and repulsion he had grown accustomed to. However, Ambrose dares not reach for the love she offers so boldly, for he knows that she, too, like everyone else, will turn from him with time. Yet as their connection flares into tempestuous passion, he’ll have to put everything, including his heart, on the line or risk losing her forever.

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