Becca’s Trouble by Cynthia Cooke (epub)

Becca’s Trouble by Cynthia Cooke (epub)
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Cynthia Cooke

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Becca’s Trouble by Cynthia Cooke (epub) Deadly Secrets Book 5

Lone Wolf, Becca Marsters confronts her darkest fears and joins forces with an unlikely team to stop an obsessed terrorist dead set on her destruction.

Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey as Becca Marsters, the Lone Wolf, confronts an enemy from her past who murdered her father. Emerich, an adversary she once allowed too close, resurfaces with a vengeance, abducting her dearest friend and igniting a storm of vengeance and redemption.

As Emerich methodically rebuilds his terrorist organization, Becca forges an alliance with the elite Counter Terrorism Agency, placing her unwavering trust in their leader, Josh Cameron.

Bound by duty and against every forbidden impulse, Cameron finds himself ensnared in a forbidden love for the untouchable blonde. Yet, with danger lurking at every turn, indulging these feelings could prove fatal, putting all their lives on the line.

With time running out, Becca must unravel her own instincts and embrace the power of teamwork if she hopes to have a chance at success. In the throes of battle, will she surrender her heart to Cameron’s unwavering grasp, and if she does, will that put a target on his back?

Together, they must defy the odds and triumph over Emerich’s schemes, protecting not only their lives but the lives of those they love. Prepare for a high-stakes battle where survival and love hang in a precarious balance.

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