Becoming Bennet by Cora Rose & Nicole


Becoming Bennet by Cora Rose & Nicole
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Cora Rose
May 12, 2023
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Becoming Bennet by Cora Rose & Nicole Behind the Camera Book 2

I cannot stand Bennet Montgomery.

His rugged hotness knows no bounds and his unwavering cheery disposition is maddening. How can someone be that happy all the time? His smile infuriates me. I need to keep my distance from this man and all his Midwest charm. I have my camboy career to focus on and I can’t afford to get attached or bogged down with his nonsense.
But when Bennet receives devastating news about his mother, his grief consumes him.
I don’t know what to make of this new sad side of Bennet. All I know is that his teary eyes infuriate me even more than his smile. I need to get his stupid smile back.

So that’s how I wind up accompanying him home to his tiny town in rural Kansas. And let me tell you, this California boy is not cut out for a land where fruit salad has marshmallows and where you’re just as likely to be eaten by a feral cow as you are to be chased down by an angry rooster. *Shudder*

The worst part is, Bennet and I are forced to share one bed in a cramped trailer. And as I try my hardest to comfort this man who I can barely call a friend, I wonder if maybe that flutter in my chest isn’t just heartburn. Maybe I can allow myself to get swept up in him…just for a bit. That is, if a rogue tornado doesn’t sweep me away first.

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