Behind the Mask by A.J. Rivers (epub) FREE

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Behind the Mask by A.J. Rivers (epub) FREE Ava James FBI Mystery Book 9

Every small town has its secrets.
This secret is worth taking lives for…

After saving Molly from a trafficking ring and reuniting with her mother.
FBI agent Ava James feels as though she has found true happiness.
While having a family dinner Ava receives a call from an old friend, with some bad news.

Every Halloween, teen girls from the rural Vermont town are going missing.
Each year more than the last.
Did the teens simply run away from home? Or is something far more sinister at play?

With no bodies to be found, it seems as though the teens simply just vanished.
At her friends urging and with only 11 days until Hollow’s Eve, Ava goes to Pine Bend, Vermont to investigate the disappearances.

Phantom serial killer, smugglers, weird Wicca club, and annoying youth groups.
Pine Bend is a town full of weirdos.
And behind a mask, anyone can hide in plain sight.

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