Bending the Rules by Mariah Dietz (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Bending the Rules by Mariah Dietz (Epub PDF Audiobook) The Dating Playbook Book 1

It all began with a crush—those initial sparks that set the stage for the most captivating stories. Yet, our tale, at first glance, might seem predictable, destined for brevity, and fated to fail.

Enter Lincoln Beckett, the charismatic star wide receiver at Brighton University. Beyond his athletic prowess, he embodies intelligence and humor, though a shadow of heartbreak lurks in his dark eyes, etched across his jaw. Popular, a guaranteed draft pick, and, complicating matters, he happens to be my brother’s best friend.

I attempted to resist the allure, constructing an entire list of reasons—an arsenal of rules meant to govern my approach to dating. Reasons that Lincoln, much to my chagrin, persistently challenges and bends, making it increasingly difficult to adhere to the self-imposed guidelines. As the narrative unfolds, it becomes a journey through the complexities of emotions, friendship, and the unpredictable nature of love, demonstrating that sometimes, the best stories are the ones that defy expectations.

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