Bikers & Bars by Suki Williams & Jarica James (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Bikers & Bars by Suki Williams & Jarica James (Epub PDF Audiobook) Omega Besties Book 3

Forever cast in the role of the nurturing friend, yet never bestowed with the privilege of being a mother—it was a poignant reality that defined my existence until this moment.

The newfound camaraderie within my pack was on the verge of settling, bringing a semblance of tranquility to my life. However, the tranquility shattered when a specter from my past reemerged—Viper, a commanding alpha and my former fiancé, whom I had abandoned with a flimsy apology.

Not only did my closest confidantes seek answers, but the inquisitiveness extended to my pack members, especially the alpha who harbored reservations about the ‘ex’ in the fiancé narrative.

Caught in the throes of internal conflict, my mates rallied together to affirm their love for me, embracing every curve and piece of emotional baggage I carried.

As we navigated the tumultuous terrain of our emotions, a pivotal question loomed: would we collectively embrace the prospect of a new future, or would I, once again, find myself fleeing from the only men who had made me feel like a genuine omega? The unfolding chapters held the answers, and the journey towards reconciling with our intertwined destinies lay ahead, fraught with uncertainties and the promise of newfound understanding.

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