Blacklisted by Angel Lawson (epub)

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Blacklisted by Angel Lawson (epub) Wittmore University

I thought I had everything under control.

Turns out everyone was controlling me.

I did everything right. I had the right clothes, the perfect hair, stellar social connections, and most of all, I had him, Royer Atkinson, president of the Zeta Zig fraternity.

All of this was part of my plan to get into the best sorority at Wittmore University. Except my life imploded and the unthinkable happened, I wasn’t just rejected.

I’m blacklisted.

And the person that set it up? My not-so-perfect-boyfriend.

I have two options: run away or I can get my revenge by posing as a male and infiltrating Royer’s fraternity rush to get enough evidence of hazing to burn them to the ground.

Even though it means teaming up with my biggest enemy and changing everything about myself, I choose revenge.

Blacklisted is a dark, new adult, contemporary romance with multiple love interests. Warnings apply for dark romance.

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