Bratva Prince by T J Maguire (epub)

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Bratva Prince by T J Maguire (epub) Bratva Book 2

Aleksandr Volkov
I’ve lived my life with rigid control.
A tight vice on myself and my emotions.
Scars from my past have left me broken. Riddled with guilt and anguish.
When my baby sister was kidnapped, I feared the worst. That she’d suffered the same fate as our mother. It stirred up those feelings I’ve tried so desperately to bury and ignore.
I never expected to find her.
Drea Ortega.
A 5ft, tattooed, killing machine who took my breath away from the first moment I laid eyes on her.
She was my beacon of light in my dark chaotic world.
My heart. My soul. My everything.

Drea Ortega
I loved my life in the Cartel.
It was brutal and violent. Rough and bloody. All things I thoroughly enjoyed.
I liked the way it challenged me. Forced me to think on my feet and adapt.
Getting kidnapped happened sometimes in my line of work. It was nothing to cry over. Nothing to freak out about. You rolled up your sleeves and dealt with it as best you could.
The Bratva were the stuff of nightmares. Rumours of their brutality and viciousness circled far and wide in the organised crime world. My dad told me to steer clear of them, and now I was stuck in the lion’s den.
I never expected to find him.
Aleksandr Volkov.
Tall. Dark. Sexy. He was hotter than any man had the right to be. Over 6 and a half feet of pure muscle and sin with a secret heart of gold.
He forced his way into my life and now, I wasn’t sure I could live without him.

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