Breeding Her The Dark Edition by LoveBite Shorts (epub)

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Breeding Her The Dark Edition by LoveBite Shorts (epub)

There are no Hero’s here. There will always be some form of a HEA. The journey our ladies face will not be an easy one it will be very LONG and HARD indeed. Breeding His Wife – Arranged Marriage – Book OneStefano Di Caprio has just become Capo of New York. His deceased, father had arranged a marriage for him. He intends to use this marriage for his gain, his legacy. She will conform or she will face the beast. Caterina Abella is a carefree dreamer.

Her Papa has put off her dream for years. Never divulging to her that her life is not her own to live, nor does she have the right to dream. Now she has 3 days to marry a cruel man who has very little regard for any woman. The only language he knows is violence. Seeding Her Flower – Obsessive Stalker Book TwoAdrian Hawthorn a Tech Mughal Genius has an orderly life. Everything in its place. A routine for every aspect of his life. Until one day his existence is thrown into chaos. He sees a bright light inside Leilani so he does what any normal person would do, he follows her home…Leilani is determined to bring her grandmother’s florist shop out of the dark ages. She is approached by Adrian Hawthorn a website designer.

Is his proposition too good to be true?Breeding Her On Holiday – Held Captive Book ThreeSara has actually won something for the first time in her life. A holiday to a private Island. She was bringing a friend, but she got hurt in a freak accident. She decides to be brave and go alone. She did not get the welcome she was expecting. . . Daniel seen Sara. He is keeping her. Alone on his private Island with nowhere to run. He is going to make sure he breeds her every day and night till she gives him what he wants. Everything. Breeding His Personal Assistant – Blackmailed – Book FourTorian.

She walks around the office as if she is a ray of sunshine. Smiling at everyone. Swaying her backside in her tight little skirts. Wearing her little camisole tops or see-through blouses. A man can only take so much. It’s time to make her submit to her CEO. Riah.

My boss is so grumpy. No matter how much I smile or try and make him smile. He is always picking faults in my clothes or my work. I need this job, or I would tell him where to go. What I didn’t expect was for him to bend me over his desk and tell me he was going to take everything that I’ve been flaunting to him. The CEO has finally lost the plot.

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