Brutal Sinner by Stella Andrews (epub)

Brutal Sinner by Stella Andrews (epub)
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Stella Andrews

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Brutal Sinner by Stella Andrews (epub)

Sinners don’t belong in a town called Heaven

Then the Devil rolled into town dressed in leather and a bad attitude.
We bumped heads one day outside the store and as my eyes met his, he trapped
my soul.

He was dangerously forbidden, with glittering eyes that burned right through me and scorched my heart.
I was immediately under his spell because nobody had ever looked at me like that.
It was temptation of the most devastating kind.

The sparks flew between us, but I was the only one burning.

I had committed the ultimate sin and would be punished for my crimes before
the entire town.

So, I ran.

Away from him, away from Heaven, my family, and my punishment.
But I couldn’t run from the consequences.
Seven months later, they found me and brought me back with my baby.
My only chance at salvation was to marry Reverend Peters. The crazy,
sadistic brute who promised to beat the devil from my soul.

When you burn your bridge, you better hope you’re on the right side because
one week before my wedding Hell rides into Heaven and we are all about
to burn.

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