Bullied by the Bratva by Lexi Asher (epub) FREE

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Bullied by the Bratva by Lexi Asher (epub) FREE Morozov Bratva Book 7

He used to torment me and make my life a living hell.
Now he’s the head of the Bratva and a single dad, but he hasn’t changed one bit.
He’s still obsessed with me. And things are only getting worse.
Because I’m supposed to live under his tyranny in his house…as his kid’s new nanny.

I’m disgusted that he’s even more stunning than before.
He’s upgraded his torture tactics to something more subtle, though.
He slides his hand over my body until I have no defenses left.
He teases me until I’m desperate and leaves me no escape.

It’s scary how out of control he makes me, and I need to remember that he’s a beast.
It’s just so hard when his fingers are in my pants and his tongue is in my mouth.
What endgame does he have in store for me?
Is he still the bullying monster who crushed my heart?

Or is he for real when he says I’m his?

The Russian Bratva of Miami has three rules: solve problems with violence, paint the streets with blood, and break hearts at will. They’re not nice, they’re not gentle, and they don’t compromise. But behind closed doors, they’ll show you what ruthless love really means.

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