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Camera Shy by Kay Cove (epub)

“A man is going to treat you how you treat yourself. So please, for the love of God, act like a queen.”

I was expecting a ring on my thirtieth birthday. What I didn’t see coming was my boyfriend and business partner dumping me because he couldn’t bear the idea of our bland sex life for the rest of our lives.

When an opportunity arises to spend my summer in Las Vegas, I stumble upon my hot new neighbor and his photography studio. We strike a simple deal.

He’s the teacher, and I’m his student.

My lesson is learning to love the body I have. In exchange, I’m going to save his business. I have exactly one summer to unearth the most confident version of myself before I go home and return to reality.

But after a passion-fueled summer, I’m not sure of who I am anymore, and it’s clear that the worst heartbreak of my life might still be yet to come.

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