Catch Me by Anne Roman (epub)


Catch Me by Anne Roman (epub)
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Anne Roman
April 16, 2023
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Catch Me by Anne Roman (epub) (Dangerous Entanglements #3)

Blood is not always thicker than water. Sometimes it’s poison.

He made my heart and body feel things I’d never thought possible.

But he also hurt me. Used me. Betrayed me.

And I did it right back to him.

But only to save him.

Because in the end, the reasons Simon had for using me to get to Sybil, were entirely justified and I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the exact same thing.

My sister is evil. A monster. And she needs to be stopped.

But first, I’ll need the help of the one man who might know my sister better than even I do. A man who is currently sitting in federal prison for crimes of espionage and treason. All because of me.

I have a plan though. One that will not only get Simon’s name cleared but will also get his whole team of Ghosts off the hook.
Time is running out though. Sybil is closing in and every day that goes by I can feel her evil presence like a lingering nightmare.

I have to get Simon free and convince him to trust me one last time. Then he can do exactly what he wants, disappear, just like a Ghost.

And take my heart with him.

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