Chasing Infinity by Aria Harding FREE (epub)


Chasing Infinity by Aria Harding FREE (epub)
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Aria Harding
May 30, 2023
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Chasing Infinity by Aria Harding FREE (epub)

It’s a funny thing coming back to a place that was once your home, and Noah is realizing how true that is after he steps foot in his hometown Willow Heights. Ten years ago, Noah shamelessly left everything—and everyone—behind. But upon his return, he discovers that although there are many reasons to pack his belongings and get out again, there’s one stronger reason to stay—her.

Addison Parks exudes entrepreneurial spirit by owning Willow Heights’ most popular small diner. Though it’s not what she initially planned for her life, now, with her friends by her side, she wouldn’t change a thing. She has everything she’s ever wanted until an unexpected piece of her home returns—him.

Immediately caught up in each other once again, Noah and Addison face challenges that ten years apart haven’t resolved. Noah’s return has brought new complications and secrets that intrigue Addison, but he refuses to divulge them. Before they can have their happily ever after, Noah will have to come to terms that in order to keep Addison safe from the demons he’s chasing, he’ll have to trust that they can have each other’s backs for now until infinity.

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