Chef Rafe by Sam E. Kraemer (epub)

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Chef Rafe by Sam E. Kraemer (epub) The Lonely Heroes Book 10

When Chef Rafael Torrente runs into Bounty Hunter Dallas St. Michael on the Las Vegas Strip, the desert is about to sizzle like a spicy Italian sausage. Goditi il viaggio!

Rafael Bianco Torrente, world famous chef, New York restauranteur, and sometimes assassin is expanding his empire to the bright lights of Sin City. Rafe only has time for work, but the memory of one beautiful night with the man of his dreams has stuck with him for a whole year. To Rafe, extra virgin oil will always hold a special memory.
Dallas St. Michael, fugitive recovery agent and older brother of London St. Michael, former operative for Golden Elite Associates-America, is haunted by the memory of a man who blessed him with one perfect night.

The memory of their too-short encounter has made Dallas unwilling to even consider having another man or woman in his life, so he lives his singular existence as a freelance bounty hunter in a bare-bones apartment in the Las Vegas Valley.

One accidental meeting in the middle of the night. The man he craves appearing out of nowhere. Is the Universe giving the two men another chance at… something? With their busy lives, is there any way they can find time to make the connection they both seek? Will they survive the three-pronged blitz attack on Rafe’s family that comes out of nowhere? Is it finally time to level old scores, and who are the new players in the mix?

Can Rafe and Dallas keep their chemistry alive while they fight the garbage dumped on their piece of happiness cake?

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