Chef’s Kiss by Cassie Mint (epub)

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Chef’s Kiss by Cassie Mint (epub) Sweet Cherry Cove Book 3

It’s bad enough writing to an agony aunt about my crush.

Then my brother reads it aloud in a bar.

Okay, so my brother didn’t set out to be cruel. He was goofing around with my phone, and he spotted the Dear Hattie column. Why waste a good dramatic reading?

I’ll tell you why: because I’m the letter writer. And the gorgeous chef I wrote about, the one I’ve silently loved for years; the man I said, and I quote, that I’d like to smother in whipped cream and lick it off again? He’s right here.

Listening. Scowling. Staring at me.

Gripping the bar until his knuckles go white.

I didn’t sign the letter. Maybe I can blag my way out of this.

Because my crush would never want me back. Right?

Chef’s Kiss is a short and steamy instalove story, starring a girl with a monster crush and her grumpy, delicious neighbor.

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