Choose Us by Nicole Spencer-Skillen FREE (epub)


Choose Us by Nicole Spencer-Skillen FREE (epub)
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Nicole Spencer-Skillen
May 30, 2023
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Choose Us by Nicole Spencer-Skillen FREE (epub) CHOOSE ME & CHOOSE US Book 2

Holly Garland has been burying her broken heart for two years. Aside from work, and the occasional good-natured gathering, her social calendar has been bleak. She finds it easier that way.

When her best friend, Beth, convinces her to take a well needed vacation, she travels halfway across the world to Japan; it’s a place of familiarity and fond recollections. However, this time it’s different. She will be in the same country as Brooke, which brings back a wave of agonizing memories.

Brooke Jacobs has a new job, new friends, a new city, and she now speaks fluent Japanese. She did not expect to see Holly in and amongst the bustling crowds of Shibuya. Their chance reunion pulls her back in time and forces Brooke to acknowledge feelings she’s tried to forget.

Their connection is still unmistakable, but with new and existing hurdles to overcome will they have a chance at the life they dreamed of together? Or has too much time passed?

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