Chosen By The Grizzly by Ariana Hawkes (epub)

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Chosen By The Grizzly by Ariana Hawkes (epub) Obsessed Mountain Mates Book 3

I used to top “most eligible bachelor lists”. Now I’m holed up in my wilderness cabin, far away from civilization.
It’s safer for the rest of the world this way.
All I want is to be left alone. Just me and my half-feral beast, trying to stay sane.
But when I see her, my universe flips on its head.

Sweet, curvy, untouched; she’s the most incredible thing I’ve ever laid eyes on.
She’s with a bunch of snoopers, trying to uncover my secrets.
But she’s not like them.

If she was, my beast wouldn’t be going crazy for her. Wouldn’t insist it’s found its mate at last.
She’s the only one who doesn’t run when I catch them breaking in.
She’s mine for the taking.

Well, once I’ve dealt with the little issue of a face-full of bear spray.
But what will happen when I tell her I’m keeping her here forever?

This is a totally SAFE, steamy insta-love romance, featuring an obsessed, possessive hero. If you like fated-mate romances, with plenty of V-card fun, you’ll love Jason and Callie’s story. Tons of feels, dirty talk and a sweet HEA!

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