Clash of Kingdoms by Penelope Barsetti (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Clash of Kingdoms by Penelope Barsetti (Epub PDF Audiobook) Dirty Blood Book 6

I had the opportunity to escape these lands, to avoid the looming war, yet I made a conscious choice to remain.

My decision hinges on the dire need to safeguard Harlow’s life. The adversaries we face, these demons, are an unmatched force, impervious even to Huntley’s formidable fire-breathing dragons. Their threat looms large, rendering HeartHolme and neighboring kingdoms utterly defenseless.

Despite my best efforts to resist, I couldn’t deny the inevitable – I’ve fallen deeply for Harlow, a mere human. It’s a love that led me to risk my own immortality for her, despite knowing she wouldn’t trade her humanity for my sake. Once this strife concludes, we’ll part ways, destined never to cross paths again.

The circumstances have thrust Huntley and me into a reluctant alliance to salvage his kingdom. Remarkably, his animosity toward me has gradually morphed into something unexpected – respect. This transformation has opened my eyes to the depth of Huntley’s genuine, unconditional love for his family, in stark contrast to the politically driven rapport I share with my own father.

My devotion now extends beyond Harlow; it encompasses her family as though they were my own. This selfless commitment reflects the noblest facets of my character, motivating me to fight not solely for love but also for the wellbeing of those dear to Harlow.

In this conflicting terrain of emotions, juggling personal feelings and the impending conflict, I find myself navigating a path that demands resilience and strength. Amidst the chaos, it’s crucial to remember self-care, acknowledging the complexities of the heart while fulfilling the weighty responsibilities entwined with the war’s demands.

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