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Class Trip by Aspen Hadley (epub) FREE The Thornback Society

She was looking for adventure but never imagined her first love would be the tour guide.

Lizzie Duncan was in danger of disappearing into the void of monotony. After nearly a decade of teaching elementary school, she needed an adventure. So, when her friend offered to book a river rafting trip over summer break, she was the first one to yell “All aboard”.

The thing is, she never expected to know – and we’re talking now – the tour guide when they arrived on the first day.
Jackson Walker: best kiss of Lizzie’s life, summer nights eating ice cream cones, her doodling their names together. He was her ultimate dream guy. The same dream guy who left town and broke her heart.

The heart doesn’t care about time, though, and it was either sink or swim or maybe there was a third option here. One she’d totally given up on.

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