Contract with the Mafia Boss by Ashlie Silas (epub)

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Contract with the Mafia Boss by Ashlie Silas (epub) D’Angelo Brothers Mafia Reign

A chance encounter led to a dating contract… with a mafia boss.

I was desperate and needed a pretend boyfriend.
Of all the people in the city, I collided with the ice-cold Carlo D’Angelo.
When mistaken for my imaginary beau, I just went with it – my first mistake.
His gorgeous, rock-hard body and the warmth in his eyes make it hard not to fall for the ruthless millionaire.
But he’s the most brutal of the D’Angelo brothers, so

I thought pretending to be dating a monster would be easy – my second mistake.
The contract was simple: Get to know each other so we’re never caught off guard,
make a few public appearances together, and…
share two kisses.

In the end, he gets my father’s building, I get to walk away from an arranged marriage, and we can part ways.
We’re total opposites. I save lives, and he… takes them. I figured there is no way we could possibly fall for each other, but that… was my third mistake.

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