Corrupted Chaos by Shain Rose (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Corrupted Chaos by Shain Rose (Epub PDF Audiobook) An Enemies to Lovers Forced Proximity Romance (Tarnished Empire Book 3)

The one dictating the rules in this intricate game is my adversary, and strangely enough, he’s also my boss—Cade Armanelli, a notorious hacker with a billionaire status, accustomed to a solitary modus operandi. Yet, I’ve carved my place beside him, earning my spot despite his reluctance to acknowledge it.

As our cybersecurity team embarks on a retreat to an undisclosed location, I am determined to demonstrate my capabilities to the company. The catch? I find myself sharing not just a cabin but also a bed with Cade, my meticulous and enigmatic boss.

Cade is a paradox—antisocial, ruthless, and my arch-nemesis. Yet, he also embodies allure in his tatted, dark, and dangerous persona. Beyond his impeccable hacking skills, I discover that his prowess extends to the bedroom.

However, my focus remains unwavering. I have a job to uphold, a heart to safeguard, and the responsibility of securing our nation’s data. Cade, with all his captivating qualities, is a distraction that I must resist, even resorting to drastic measures like spray painting a red line down our shared bed, delineating a boundary that forces him to stay on his side.

Navigating this intricate dance between duty and desire, I am determined to maintain my professional stance, even if it means drawing clear lines and keeping my captivating yet distracting boss at arm’s length.

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