Court of Vice and Death by Alexis Calder (epub) FREE

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Court of Vice and Death by Alexis Calder (epub) FREE Blood and Salt Book 2

The stories about the fae court were true and I’m not sure if any of us will survive.

Everything in the fae court wants me dead. The monsters who live here, the royal family, even the other tributes. I’m surrounded by enemies but I won’t forget the cause of all this suffering: The Fae King. If I’m going down, I’m going to take him with me.

But nothing is easy in Konos.

And the only way through is to face the most dangerous monster who ever lived.

With surprising allies and newfound skills, I might have a chance. But you can’t trust anything in Konos.

Not even your own heart.

This is book two in the Blood and Salt series and is not a standalone. It’s dark, violent, and spicy. Mind the cliff.

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