Crashing Into You by Melanie Shawn (epub)

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Crashing Into You by Melanie Shawn (epub) Whisper Lake: Savage Brothers Book 3

Kennedy Dawes knew her perfect partner was out there…but she was beginning to wonder if he was playing hide and seek in camouflage in the woods because she sure as hell couldn’t find him.

After years of being signed up to every matchmaking site known to man, speed dating, getting set up by well-meaning (if somewhat delusional) friends and family, and even applying for the reality TV show Fairytale Love to find her prince charming, she was starting to lose hope. On the advice of her therapist, she’d written down—in excruciating detail—everything she was looking for in an attempt to manifest her Mr. Right.

There was just one problem—she couldn’t get Mr. Wrong out of her mind.

Sebastian Savage had one true love…tattooing. Unfortunately, he’d lost that love six months ago and wasn’t sure he’d ever get it back.

After waking up in the hospital after a car crash he couldn’t remember, Seb was told by doctors he had a long road to recovery in front of him, which included surgery and physical therapy. Even then, there was a chance his nerve damage would be permanent. That was a life sentence for Seb. Being a tattoo artist wasn’t just a job, a career, or even a passion; it was his life. The only thing that had ever mattered to him was putting ink to skin. He needed it more than oxygen. Or at least he had until his heart started beating again when he looked into blue eyes that were a beacon in the storm of his life.

There was just one problem: He wasn’t the man she deserved, and he’d be damned if he let her settle.

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