Craved by the Hunter by Lynnea Lee (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Craved by the Hunter by Lynnea Lee (Epub PDF Audiobook) A Post-Apocalyptic Alien Romance Xarc’n Warriors Book 11

When a legendary PIP model shows up in my shop, I jump on the chance to work on the sentient shuttle, until I meet Pip’s owner. The surly hunter hates humans and has earned himself the nickname Loose Cannon.

Worse yet, Pip is dead set that I’m Kan’n’s mate! I don’t care that the seven-foot-tall alien warrior has the galaxy’s sexiest jawline, and is covered in delicious purple muscles; he’s a jerk and totally not my type.

He does everything to stop me from working on his shuttle, including calling for backup from the mothership. But when things go haywire aboard the mothership, I find my life in Kan’n’s hands, and the rest of me in his arms.

I don’t trust humans, especially not the female with the sunshine hair and intoxicating scent who has brainwashed my shuttle and makes me feel strange things. Which is why I’m leaving the moment I can.
Eager to get my shuttle fixed, I ask the mothership for help. But when Jask’l arrives, he not only praises Sam for her work but he also invites her up to the mothership with him! There’s no way I’m letting her brainwash him too, so I tag along to keep an eye on her.

When disaster strikes, I see a side of Sam I’ve never seen before. For once, she needs me to protect her. Now that I’ve seen how things can be between us, I’m not sure I want to ever let her go.

Lots of action and steam ahead, and as always, Happily Ever After guaranteed!

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