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Crush by J.J. Dean (epub) FREE A Shade Of Darkness Book 1

Mom and Dad died with a secret.
One that would irrevocably change my life.

After receiving the news of my parents death, I find myself moving across the country to live with my cousin and his wife. Darkwall is nice enough. The people are a little nosy, the town isn’t all that big, and it rains here more than I’ve probably seen in all my life. But there’s a certain charm here. A charm that is likely attributed to the three obnoxiously handsome guys I’ve found myself thinking of more and more.

It takes only a day to embarrass myself and make an enemy of Dion Stallard. It takes only two days for me to become the sole focus of Vaughn Bowers attention, and only four days for me to reveal a strange secret I didn’t know I’d been keeping in front of Beckett Caudry. But, despite their undeniable good looks and mouth watering scents that make me dizzy, there’s something else hiding beyond the surface of the three most popular boys in Darkwall High. Something dark. Something sinister. And something not entirely human.

And the more I get to know them, the more questions arise, until I’m stumbling across family secrets of my own. Secrets that tilt my world on its axis and draws forth more questions than I’d have ever thought to ask. Especially when it becomes glaringly obvious that… I might not be entirely human either.

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