Curves and Cradles by Kat Baxter (epub)

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Curves and Cradles by Kat Baxter (epub) A Navy SEAL Windsor Securities


Once upon a time I kissed a sexy soldier to save face in front of my ex and his shiny new fiance. I never intended the kiss to lead to anything more, least of all the most passionate night of my life… and the bundle of joy that shows up nine months later.

I’m only in town to go to a funeral with one of my SEAL buddies when I meet the curvy beauty who changes my life forever. Somehow two years later, I still haven’t forgotten the hot weekend I spent with Jane. So when I’m injured and have to take leave, I head back to Texas to find the woman I left behind. When I get there, I find more than I bargained for.

Forgiving her for keeping my baby a secret is the easy part. After all, she had no way to find me. Convincing her that I’m in this for the long haul is a lot harder.

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