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Daddy Wolf’s Fake Marriage by Serena Meadows (epub) Prospect Shifter Daddy Mates Book 1

I was trying my hardest to stay away from the sexy rancher at work… until he discovered a huge secret.
It’s almost comical to watch Mitchell care for the baby that he just found out he had.
I’m a veterinarian at the same ranch he works at, and his glances haven’t escaped me.
Mitchell is a tall and handsome alpha.
Asking for help isn’t in his DNA but this unique situation calls for something drastically different.
Different… as in… me.

He’s struggling with his new baby, and I’m struggling to get my hands on my trust fund that would allow me to build my dream clinic.
A fake marriage would solve all our problems.
All problems… except one.
The secret about his identity that he would no longer be able to keep.
Mitchell must embrace his new role as a dad, and as a protector…
While I find a way to keep my heart locked away in a safe place.

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